Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Small Rituals" - Tiny Book ArtCharm

"Small Rituals" was also made for the Amulets and Talismans swap. I couldn't resist the theme, and signed up twice!
"Small Rituals" - Tiny Book ArtCharms, by Kia Dallons

The cover is made from paper bag "leather" ( crumpled grocery bag stained with watercolors ). I had a whole different idea for the interior...  a neat little box with a little magical object ( I hadn't decided what yet )  displayed in it, but after I used up all my matching paper making the parts, the boxes turned out too big for the jackets.   Change of plans...  Hand sketches, each page to represent each stage of a ritual.  It was an idea that I had kept brushing off because it felt so personal, but I guess some things have a way of manifesting themselves.

"Small Rituals" - by Kia Dallons
They read: Ground, Open, Invite, Intent, Bless, Release, Thank, Nourish.

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