Monday, January 16, 2012

Tiny Pop-Up Books

I am a book lover, and I have always been fascinated with pop-up books. In my secret heart, I've always wanted to write a pop-up book. I hoard broken pop-up books, just so I can take them apart to see how they work...   

Last year, I received a tiny 1"x1" pop-up book in an ArtCharms swap. It was a lucky rabbit, for the Chinese New Year. I was instantly enchanted, and had to try for myself. I found Robert Sabuda's Website full of free pop-up templates, and chose the castle. A little shrinking in Photoshop, and viola. Not bad for a prototype.  

Inside. I painted it with my new metallic watercolors to try them out. I like them very much. 
Exterior. A bit rough. The heart is made of Friendly Plastic, from when Peggy Krzyzewski came to visit last fall. The title, "Love Will Light Every Room" is a line from a beloved camp song called "Castles". ( We don't live in a castle, but love will light every room. The stars that shine in your eyes and mine, are bright as the glowing moon. )


"Happy Little Bushes, Ode to Bob Ross"  This was my trade for the first Tiny Pop-Up Books Swap. I used the castle template, but redrew it as a landscape.  This is also painted with the metallic water colors. I made the beads, and the hand dyed ribbons are by Debbie Metti / Kitten Creates.  ( Her Etsy Shop

Oh, but I wasn't done. For the "Video Game" swap, I used the same castle template, and altered it to make a pop-up based on the old-school Frogger cabinet arcade game, just like the one I played down at Bob's Burger Express as a kid. 

Alex found a copy of the game, and then played untill we could get screen shots of the important elements. A little cut-n-paste, and we're good to go. Just have to say, Photoshop rocks.  Dig the beaded joystick. 

By the way, I'll be hosting another Tiny Pop-Up Book swap over at ArtCharms, if anyone wants to join in. Sign-ups start Feb 1, 2012.