Friday, March 30, 2012

Koi Pond Pop-Up Book!

  "Koi Pond" Tiny Pop-Up Book by Kia Dallons

It's been months since I've been able to get out in the Glassebo! First project was to make bunch of koi fish, to embellish my Tiny Pop-Up Books. 

Koi in the rinsing trey. The pondiness amused me.
Not to mention my string of fishies. : D

Book jacket, before.  I used some of Elizabeth Dawson's lovely hand-dyed fabric, which reminded me of water, and applied it to cardboard with Aleene's Tacky Glue. When dried, it has a nice glossy, wet look to it. 

Lilly pad progression. I drew the initial pad,  scanned and printed out a sheet of them.  Then I used Caran d'Ache Neocolor II  water-soluble crayons to fill each one in, and coated with clear, spray-on epoxy. 

Lotus progression. I used the template from Robert Sabuda's collection. Printed on typing paper for the translucent quality,  and clear coated, after adding color. 

And that's how it was done.  : )