Sunday, December 18, 2011

Recent Jewelry Projects

Now that I'm getting time away from the torch, I'm having fun actually making things with my beads! Sadly, our camera seems to have suffered a scratch to the lens, so I apologize for the haze. 

This is my first custom piece. The customer chose the glass colors to match a special dress. 

Wirework has been calling me lately. I made this for myself, including the jump rings. It has no clasp as I can easily just slip it over my head. I figure I should have some of my own stuff to wear! 
This is how it hangs. The Cranberry pinks and greens make a great necklace for the Holidays. I expect the copper wire will patina nicely. 

But wait! There's a bracelet too! 

I'm very proud of the wirework clasp I made for the bracelet. 

Blue swirled glass on stainless steel wire. This is a necklace to go in the shop...

...with matching earrings. 
Hangs like so. 


  1. Oh, oh, oh, Kia - these pieces are LOVELY!!! My - you HAVE been busy haven't you??? Keep it up Girl! Well done! xoxo, c